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Hole & Corner is a magazine promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. It is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whose work is their life, It’s about telling stories of dedication.

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Werde  Is a magazine making a cultural contribution to environmental protection and positive social change..

Werde translates as ‘will be’ or ‘going to be’. This is a reference to that moment of transition, when someone or something is on the brink of change.

Each issue introduces people who are taking significant steps towards making the world a better and healthier place. In our socially and ecologically challenging times, Werde seeks out stories of positive change.

Jocks & Nerds

Jocks & Nerds is a men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine primarily focuses on individuals who influence and represent the broader cultural landscape.
Jocks & Nerds Magazine

Crafts Magazine

Crafts Magazine is published by the Craft Council, and spotlights today’s most exciting makers, ideas and innovations. It is the leading international authority on contemporary craft.

Leather – Then & Now, London Craft Week 2018

 At the Leathersellers’Hall,  City of London.

Bill Amberg paired 20 unique and historically important pieces from the National Leather Collection, with their contemporary equivalents.


Collect at the Saatchi Gallery. Collect brings together international galleries and dealers from across the globe, each curating their own displays to sell work made by leading contemporary artists and designers. Open to the public it presents a unique opportunity to see artists from across the world

London Craft Week 2017

14 of Britains finest independent artisans working in leather gathered in the City of Londons Leather Sellers Hall on St Helens Place, for a showcase of one of Britains oldest surviving craft traditions. Bill Amberg chose a unique selection of craftspeople


Is  an online and print magazine that captures the experience of adventure, travel and extreme spots through personal stories