Chasing the Sublime was made by collaboration between Kari Furre, Kate Rew, and Amanda Bluglass.
Exploring the idea of every day adventure for everyday people, Obviously not everyone can swim in a Scottish loch, but it was a film to feast the eye after all!

Kate Rew wrote the script, thinking very much in the vein of the romantic poets, describing as truthfully as she could, her responses to the landscape.

There were Lion’s mane Jelly fish corralled in the Loch, seemingly every few metres, but the film footage was compromised and none appeared in the film. Kari discovered she was severely anaemic when she returned, and had wondered why she was so very cold in the water. 

The film is short, but captures the sense of friendship between Kate and Kari, and has won awards on the adventure film circuit, and was shown by Oprah Winfrey, nationwide in the USA